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Assessment of appropriate laboratory mea-
surements to supplement the Crohn’s disease
acitivity index.Gut 1981;22:571-4.
6. SolemCA, Loftus Jr. EV, TremaineWJ,Herm-
senWS,ZinsmeisterAR, SandbornWJ.Corre-
lationofC-reactiveproteinwithclinical, endos-
copic, histologic, and radiographic activity in
inflammatory bowel disease. Inflamm Bowel
Dis. 2005;11:707-12.
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in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Gut
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AlvisiV.Comparisonof serum total sialicacid,
C-reactive protein, alpha 1-acid glycoprotein
andbeta2-microglobulin inpatientswithnon-
malignant bowel diseases. Biomed Pharma-
cother 1995;49:259-62.
9. Colombel JF, SolemCA, SandbornWJ, Booya
F, Loftus EV Jr, Harmsen WS et al. Quanti-
tative measurement and visual assessment of
ileal Crohn’s disease activity by computed
tomography enterography: correlation with
endoscopic severityandC reactiveprotein.Gut
10. SacharDB, SmithH,ChanS,CohenLB,Lichti-
gerS,Messer J.Erythrocyticsedimentationrate
asameasureofclinicalactivity in inflammatory
boweldisease. JClinGastroenterol1986 ;8:647-
11. BrignolaC,CampieriM, BazzocchiG, Farrug-
giaP,TragnoneA,LanfranchiGA.A laboratory
index for predicting relapse in asymptomatic
12.Boirivant M, Leoni M, Tariciotti D, Fais S,
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of serum C reactive protein levels in Crohn’s
disease. Results of a prospective longitudinal
study. JClinGastroenterol 1988;10:401-5.
13. ConsignyY,ModiglianiR,Colombel JF,Dupas
JL, Mary JY. Biological markers of short term
relapse inCrohn’sdisease (CD) [Abtract].Gast-
14. BuckellNA,Lennard-Jones JE,HernandezMA,
Kohn J,RichesPG,Wadsworth J.Measurement
of serum proteins during attacks of ulcera-
tive colitis as a guide to patient management.
15. SandbornWJ, Feagan BG, Radford-Smith G,
Kovacs A, Enns R, Innes A, Patel J. CDP571,
a humanisedmonoclonal antibody to tumour
necrosis factorα, formoderate tosevereCrohn’s
disease: a randomised, double blind, placebo
controlled trial.Gut 2004;53:1485-93.
16. Schreiber S, Rutgeerts P, Fedorak FN, Khaliq-
Kareemi M, Kamm MA, Boivin M et al. A
randomized,placebo-controlled trialofcertoli-
zumabpegol (CDP870) for treatmentofCrohn’s
17. Peter CP, Eshuis EJ, Toxopeüs FM, Hellemons
ME, Jansen JM, D’Haens GR et al. Adali-
mumab for Crohn’s disease: Long-term sus-
tained benefit in a population-based cohort
of 438 patients. J Crohns Colitis. 2014 Jan
31. pii: S1873-9946(14)00016-6. doi: 10.1016/j.
18.MolanderP,SipponenT,KemppainenH, Jussila
A, BlomsterT, KoskelaR et al. Achievement of
deep remissionduring scheduledmaintenance
therapywithTNF α-blocking agents in IBD. J
CrohnsColitis 2013;7:730-5. doi 10.1016
19. VermeireS,VanAsscheG,RutgeertsP.Labora-
torymarkers inIBD:Useful,magic,orunneces-
sary toys?Gut 2006;55:426-31.
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