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Klinisk Biokemi i Norden · 3 2017
Invitation to “The Arctic Experience 2018”
Course in Scientific Writing and Publishing
January 23-26th, 2018. Finse 1222, Norway
Tor-Arne Hagve
The Scandinavian Journal of Clini-
cal and Laboratory Investigation
(SJCLI) and Nordic Society of Clini-
cal Chemistry (NFKK) hereby invite
colleagues from the Scandinavian
countries to participate in an exten-
sive course in scientific writing and
publishing. The Editorial Board of SJCLI will be
responsible for the program.
The aim of the course is to increase the awareness of
the participants of the importance of scientific writing
and to train them in writing a scientific manuscript.
The course will be organized in both structured
lectures and in groups of participants writing a sci-
entific manuscript based on given data and literature.
Finse is the southernmost part of Europe with an
arctic climate located at 1222 meter above sea level
and only accessible by train, from either Bergen or
Oslo (
). This
remote location has been selected in order to find the
necessary calm and tranquility for maximal focus on
the activities during the course as well as for team-
building and network forming.
The course is open for Scandinavian/Nordic collea-
gues within the field of medical biochemistry/clinical
biochemistry/clinical chemistry, primarily for those
in postgraduate specialist training and/or involved
in research projects. The maximum numbers of par-
ticipants is 20. The official language is English or a
language understandable for all participants.
The travel expenses have to be paid by the partici-
pants/institutions while the registration fee, housing
and meals are financed by NFKK and SJCLI.
Registration with description of scientific back-
ground, present position and experience in writing
scientific manuscripts to:
Tor-Arne Hagve
Address: Medical Biochemistry, Division of Diag-
nostic and Technology, Akershus University Hospital,
1478 Lørenskog, Norway
Phone: +47-90510956.
Read more about Finse and the Artic Experience in
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