Klinisk Biokemi i Norden Nr 2, vol. 16, 2004 - page 5

ADVIA and ADVIA Centaur are registered trademarks of Bayer HealthCare LLC. ©2003 Bayer HealthCare LLC. All rights reserved.
ADVIACentaur Infectious Disease Testing
ADVIA Infectious Disease
Assays and ADVIA Centaur.
The Perfect Pair
It figures. The signs of Bayer HealthCare’s
practical innovation are all around, and now
even infectious disease testing can be effortless.
Designed with infectious disease testing in mind, ADVIA
Centaur ® makes it easy to integrate
routine testing with assays for congenital, viral
hepatitis and retroviral diseases. Add smart algorithm
capabilities to Bayer’s infectious
disease panel, plus our comprehensive disease-state
menu, and you get optimal productivity at
every turn. With Bayer HealthCare’s expertise
in chemiluminescence, you’re also assured
high-performance assays.
Gold-medal performance in infectious disease
testing. That’s Innovation In the Real World.
Only from Bayer HealthCare.
Assay availability varies country to country. Contact
your local Bayer representative or distributor for product
availability in your country.
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