Klinisk Biokemi i Norden Nr 2, vol. 9, 1997 - page 13

mal subjectsandpatientswithmedullary thyroidcar–
cinoma. Eur J Clin Chem Clin Biochem
31. Barbot N,Calmettes C, Schuffenecker I, Saint-An–
dre JP, Franc B, Rohmer V, Jallet P, Bigorgne JC.
Pentagastrin stimulation test and ear!ydiagnosis of
medullary thyroid carcinoma using an immunorad–
iometric assay of calcitonin: comparison with ge–
netic screening in hereditary medullary thyroid car–
cinoma. JClinEndocrinolMetab 1994;78:114-120.
32. Kempter B, Ritter MM. Unexpected high calcito–
nin concentrations after pentagastrin stimulation.
Clin Chem 1991;37:473-4.
33. Ponder BAJ, Coffey R, Gage!
Semple P, Pon–
derMA,PembreyME,Telenius-BergM, EastonOF.
Screening for disease. Risk estimation and screen–
ing in farnilies of patients with medullary thyroid
carcinoma. Lancet 1988;i:397-400.
34. BruntLM,Wells SA.Advances in the diagnosis and
treatment ofmedullary thyroidcarcinoma.SurgClin
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35. Tisell LE, Ahlman H, Wängberg B, Hansson G,
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sell-AronssonE. Somatostatin receptor scintigraphy
in medullary thyroid carcinoma. Brit J Surg
36. Tisell LE, Hansson G, Jansson S, SalanderH. Reo–
peration in the treatment of asymptomatic metasta–
sizing medullary carcinoma. Surgery 1986;99:60-
Klinisk Kemi
37. Moley
Wells SA, DilleyWG,Tisell LE. Reope–
ration for recurrent or persistent medullary thyroid
cancer. Surgery 1993;114:1090-6.
38. Tisell LE, Dilley WG, Wells SA. Progression of
postoperative residua! medullary thyroid carcinoma
as monitored by plasma calcitonin levels. Surgery
39. Marsh OJ, McDowall D, Hyland OJ, Andrew SD,
Schnitzler M, Gaskin EL, Nevell OF, Diamond T,
Delbridge L, Clifton-Bligh P, Robinson BG. The
identification of false positiveresponsesto the pen–
tagastrin stimulation tests in RETmutation negati–
ve members ofMEN 2A farnilies. Clin Endocrinol
(Oxf) 1996;44:213-20.
40. FrillingA, Dralie H, Eng C, Raue F, Broelsch CE.
Presymptomatic DNA screening in farnilies with
multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 and farnilial
medullary thyroid carcinoma. Surgery
41. Frank-Raue K, HöppnerW, FrillingA, Kotzerke J,
Dralie H, Haase R et al. Mutations of the
tooneogene in German multiple endocrine neop1a–
sia families: relation between genotype and pheno–
type. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 1996;81:1780-3.
42. Wohllk N, Cote GJ, Evans DB, Goepfert H, Ordo–
nez NG, Gage!
Application of genetic screen–
inginformation to themanagement ofmedullary thy–
roid carcinoma and multiple endocrine neoplasia
type 2.EndocrineMetabClinNorthAm 1996;25:
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