Klinisk Biokemi i Norden Nr 2, vol. 22, 2010 - page 40

| 2 | 2010
Klinisk Biokemi i Norden
Standardization of HbA1c
Päivi Laitinen, IFCC Secretary
The major task of the IFCC is to provide a forum for
standardization of the methods in clincial laborato-
ries. The Scientific Division (SD) is the functional
unit responsible for these scientific projects. The mis-
sion of the SD is to advance the science of Clinical
Chemistry and to apply it to the practice of Clinical
Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine.
According to the Statutes of IFCC, its role is
to advance the science and practice of Clinical
Chemistry and to further its application in the provi-
sion of health services and the practice of medicine.
To achieve this Scientific Division is committed to the
following goals:
• Identify research areas of relevance to Clinical
Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine and assist
the transfer of research results to the profession.
• Identify scientific and technological problems in
current practice and provide solutions and gui-
delines on how to resolve them.
• Facilitate the development and transfer of techni-
cal innovations to clinical laboratory professio-
nals and clinicians.
Päivi Laitinen. (Foto: Veikko Somerpuro).
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