Klinisk Biokemi i Norden Nr 2, vol. 22, 2010 - page 23

Identical twins?
Look beneath the surface.
There’s always more to a picture than meets the eye. What may appear
similar or even identical, isn’t. Looking beneath the surface is what Ortho
Clinical Diagnostics have been doing for nearly 70 years. Finding answers
and providing the global healthcare community with the means to make
better-informed decisions.
VITROS® 3600
Immunodiagnostic System combines three high-
quality proprietary technologies into a single system that is self-monitoring,
highly efficient, and best of all, easy to use. With minimal staff interventions
and reduced error potential, you get quality results.
VITROS 5600®
Integrated System consolidates testing like never
before with Sample Centered Processing, 5 proven VITROS® technologies,
and over 100 assays onboard. So you get performance and quality that
improve the lab—and results that touch lives.
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