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Klinisk Biokemi i Norden
Plenary session speakers are as follows:
Stig E. Bojesen, Ruth Frikke-Schmidt
& Børge G Nordestgaard
(Copenhagen, Denmark)
Past, present and future assays
Arndt Borkhardt
(München, Germany)
Molecular markers in leukaemia
James O Westgard
(Madison, USA)
Six sigma, quality design and control
John Danesh
(Cambridge, UK)
Meta-analyses in clinical biochemistry
Torben Ørntoft
(Århus, Denmark)
Microarrays as a molecular diagnostic tool
Theresa McDonagh
(London, UK)
Cardiac natriuretic peptides
Wolfgang Koenig
(Ulm, Germany)
High sensitive C-reactive protein
Anne Tybjærg-Hansen
(Copenhagen, Denmark)
SNP assays and gene screenings
Howard Cuckle
(Leeds, UK)
Markers in prenatal diagnosis
These lectures will convey important recent research likely to change how we offer clinical biochemical
assays for clinicians in the very near or near future.
The Astrup prise competition for the opening plenary session include:
Lennart Friis-Hansen
(Copenhagen, Denmark)
Achlorhydria, microbial growth and cancer
Annukka Paju
(Helsinki, Finland)
Gene-expression:genome-controlled RT-PCR
Asfaque Ahmed Memon
(Århus, Denmark)
Epidermal Growth Factor family in cancer
Christina Christoffersen
(Copenhagen, Denmark)
Apolipoprotein M: a novel apolipoprotein
These were selected from 16 submitted extended abstracts by a Nordic prize committee consisting of several
professors in clinical biochemistry from the Nordic countries.
Invited speakers for most symposia are also ready, while we still await contributions into symposia
from submitted abstracts (deadline March 13, 2006). The symposia are being organised by the fol-
lowing chairpersons, who in many cases will contribute toward the programme themselves:
Kim Dalhoff
(Copenhagen, Denmark)
Therapeutic drug management
Helle Riis Angelo
(Copenhagen, Denmark)
Marianne Benn
(Copenhagen, Denmark)
Lipids, lipoproteins and apolipoproteins
Göran Walldius
(Stockholm, Sweden)
Niels Heegaard
(Copenhagen, Denmark)
Clinical proteomics
Peter James
(Lund, Sweden)
Ingemar Björkhem
(Huddinge, Sweden)
Oxysterols: basic research to diagnostic tests
Herman Adlercreutz
(Helsinki, Finland)
Stig E Bojesen
(Copenhagen, Denmark)
Genetic epidemiology
XXX Nordic Congress in Clinical Chemistry,
June 14-17 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Large parts of the programme is now finalised.
For updates please visit: www.nfkk2006.ics.dk
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