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Klinisk Biokemi i Norden
Nordisk Forening For Klinisk Kemi and Klinisk Biokemi i
Norden arrange a specialist training course on…
Future and visions within Clinical Biochemistry
speciallægeuddannelses-kursus, erikoislääkärikoulutuskurssi, spesialistutdanningskurs, ST-kurs
28-31 August 2008, T/S Helene, Ystad
The future and visions within clinical biochemistry
laboratory organizations are important to discuss.
Let’s discuss it in a good atmosphere on a ship.
The discussion includes seminars and workshops
on cooperation, communication, European perspec-
tive and personal visions.
The teachers arePer Simonsson, ElvarTheodorsson,
Ingunn Thorsteinsdottir and Palle Wang.
We’ll meet Thursday at noon in Ystad 28th of August
and say goodbye Sunday at noon the 31st.
The course and lodgings will take place on a genu-
ine sailing ship – T/S Helene (http://www.ts-helene.
webb.se/). With help from the professional crew we’ll
visit harbours in the Baltic Sea. No previous sailing
experience is required.
The course is open for Scandinavian clinical chem-
ists and chemists in postgraduate specialist training.
The maximum number of participants is 16 and the
minimum is 12.
Registration date and nationality are the only selec-
tion criteria.
Equal numbers of participants from all countries
is desirable. The official language is English or a lan-
guage understandable for all participants.
The course will be fully financed by NFKK and
For further information and registration before 1st of
May; send an email to mattias.aldrimer@ltdalarna.se
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