Klinisk Biokemi i Norden Nr 1, vol. 20, 2008 - page 8

| 1 | 2008
Klinisk Biokemi i Norden
The XXXIst Nordic Congress of Clinical Chemistry
opens in threemonths inHelsinki. After feverishmonths
of work the programme has taken form. You can visit
the final announcement at www.labmed2008.fi.
The delicious menu catered for us by the scientific
committee ranges from new affinity technologies to
practical management of healthcare institutions. The
Astrup prize competition offers a glimpse to the
future of Nordic laboratory science.
Practical aspects of clinical laboratory work are the
focus of the programme. Updates are offered e.g. on
, renal markers and paraprotein testing. Mass
spectrometry and population screening represent
new approaches to clinical laboratory work.
Effects of biobank regulations and new interna-
tional laboratory organisations are explored. The
experience sharing workshops offer a forum for
Scientific, social and supportive Congress
Jarkko Ihalainen and Henrik Alfthan
benchmarking of laboratory IT, logistics and proc-
esses for critical results between colleagues from
neighbouring countries. The Labquality Days have
been incorporated to the Congress and present the
recent trends in European and worldwide EQA.
Nordic congresses are more than science. Our
important collaborators from the IVD industry fill
the spacious exhibition area with their newest prod-
ucts and at the same time You´ll hear about the new
organisations serving clinical laboatories.
Last but certainly not least comes the social pro-
gramme. The organisers offer a framework of get-
together and banquette. The industry adds their
events –Monday evening is free for their imagination.
Finally, you can select from a menu of pre-planned
opportunities to visit the beautiful surroundings of
Helsinki nature or plan your own programme in
Foto: Henrik Alfthan. Gammelstadsforsen, Helsingfors.
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