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Klinisk Biokemi i Norden · 4 2015
The first Nordic Course in specialist training 2015 arranged by NFKK
The Professional role of a Clinical Biochemist /
Laboratory Doctor
Karin Littmann, Charlotte Hansson, Robin Zenlander, Maria Farm, Henrik von Horn,
Finn Thormark-Fröst, all from Karolinska Universitetslaboratoriet
In the beginning of September 2015, more than 50
physicians met at Vilvorde Kurscenter in the northern
area of Copenhagen to attend the first Nordic Course
in specialist training. This was the first time a course
like this was arranged and a unique opportunity for
young laboratory doctors to meet, discuss the pro-
fessional role of a Clinical Biochemist and exchange
experiences between the countries. During three busy
days at the peaceful Vilvorde Kurscenter, accompa-
nied by great food, nice surroundings and a lot of
new friendships, topics as “Goldmining in Clinical
Biochemistry”, “Personalized medicine” and “Com-
munication and Leadership for Clinical Biochemists”
were discussed.
The purpose of the course was to give good examp-
les of the professional role of a laboratory doctor and
to point out different opportunities and the diversity
within the specialty. The program was organized
by clinical biochemists from the Nordic countries
appointed by NFKK (Nordic Federation of Clinical
Chemistry), Nete Hornung and Holger Jon Møl-
ler from Denmark, Kristin Lilleholt from Norway,
Kristina Hotakainen from Finland and Mattias
Aldrimer from Sweden. Through inspiring lectures
by well known experts within their respective fields
of laboratory medicine and science, the participants
were given high insights and new knowledge. All
speakers started their talk by telling their own story
on how they got into Clinical Biochemistry and where
they think they will be in five years. In the end of the
course, the participants were all asked to do the same.
The course also wanted to give some important
aspects on communication and leadership for a Clini-
cal Biochemist and to make the participants reflect
on their own role.
Day 1: Grand expectations met on the very first day
Waking up in the beautiful surroundings of Vilvorde
we looked ahead at a day full of interesting lectures.
We were greeted by the course leaders Nete Horn-
ung and Mattias Aldrimer that stressed the point
to make time during the breaks to mingle and get
to know our colleagues from the Nordic countries.
We then dived in to the field of hematology together
with Tor-Arne Hagve that told us the history of the
development of hematology instruments and how
this can help us in our daily work to interpret the
results. Helle Borgstrøm Hager took us further in
our knowledge with how the clinical biochemist can
aid the clinicians in hematology and Satu Mustjoki
followed with an in-depth lecture on how she has
lead her research team on leukemia and the future of
patient centered treatments. After a relaxing lunch
and more mingling with our fellow residents Anne
Mette Hvas showed with patient cases the power and
pitfalls of coagulation analysis.
We then started to dig into the field of goldmining
in clinical biochemistry with Mads Nybo, who talked
about goldmining basics such as reference ranges
and preanalytical factors. Gunnar Nordin showed
us examples on how important quality is in our field
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