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The challenges of automating a laboratory, whether for
the first time or the third, can be formidable. So having
a partner with extensive experience is key to achieving
your goals. Perhaps that’s why more laboratories around
the world rely on Siemens for total laboratory automation
than any other company.
How does Siemens do something so complex so well?
We bring expertise to every phase of your project.
For example, our Lean Healthcare-accredited workflow
consultants apply best practices and leverage Siemens’
proprietary database of sample-processing rules
to streamline operations. Our teams are equipped with
established analytical tools to set achievable benchmarks
for throughput, TAT, staffing, and resource utilization.
We perform periodic, data-driven evaluations that
help you continually improve productivity throughout
our years of partnership.
And by being the only single-source provider able
to connect all four key laboratory disciplines—chemistry,
immunoassay, hematology, and hemostasis—to the
automation track, we can help reduce interoperability
issues, ensuring a more integrated and efficient
overall solution.
Laboratory automation can be complex, but having
completed more than 1344 track-based automation
projects, we can put your mind at ease and help you
achieve your goals. And that is very good news indeed.
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Good News: You’re automating your lab.
Best News: We’ve done it 1344 times.
At Siemens, we have the most experience turning complexity into efficiency,
helping you drive better outcomes.
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