Klinisk Biokemi i Norden Nr 4, vol. 31, 2019 - page 11

The Astrup Prize 2020
Call for abstracts
The Nordic Society for Clinical Chemistry
rewards contemporary Nordic research work
related to the field of clinical chemistry. The
award presentation takes place every second
year in connection with the Nordic Congress in
Clinical Chemistry. The Astrup Prize is an
educational grant which is awarded by the
Astrup Foundation and has been donated by
Siemens Healthineers. Scientists (below the
age of 40 years), who have not previously
received the Astrup 1st Prize and who are
working in one of the Nordic countries, are
invited to submit an abstract of a recent scien-
tific work with a maximum length of 1,000
words (incl. references) and not more than two
illustrations. The work must be either unpub-
lished or recently published (defined as
published on Pub Med after May 2019).
Abstracts, stating name and affiliation of the
author(s), should be e-mailed to Lars Melholt
Rasmussen, Chairman of the prize committee;
All abstracts must include the applicant’s C.V.
also stating date of birth.
Deadline for receipt of abstracts is Monday
the 2nd March 2020.
In March 2020 a Nordic prize committee will
select up to three of the submitted contribu-
tions to be presented by the authors at 37th
Nordic Congress in Clinical Chemistry, Trond-
heim, Norway, June 9 – 12, 2020. The indi-
vidual presentation should not exceed 20
minutes and will be followed by a free discus-
Congress fee, travel costs (within the Nordic
countries) and accommodation during the
congress will be covered.
The three nominated scientists are invited to
publish their presentation, either as a Regular
paper or as part of a Review in The Scandina-
vian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investi-
gation. The manuscript must be submitted
before the 1st October, 2020.
Based on the scientific value of the paper, and
the quality of the oral presentation, the prize
committee will award 3 educational grants
awarded by the Astrup Foundation and
donated by Siemens Healthineers at a value of
respectively DKK 60,000, DKK 30,000 and DKK
10,000 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.
Please address questions regarding the Astrup
prize to Lars Melholt Rasmussen, Chairman of
the prize committee.
E- mail:
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