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Join the
most experienced
team in lab automation.
What’s true on the playing field is equally true in the field of laboratory automation: You can’t win until you’re in the game.
With the recent addition of the new Auto
1200 and 2500 sample processing systems to Beckman Coulter’s winning
automation lineup, the time is right to collaborate with the market leader in lab automation. Get off the sideline and score
big results no matter what your level of throughput – from low volume to ultra-high.
Focusing solely on the goals of your lab, Beckman Coulter can help you develop a strategy to optimize your workflow, turnaround
time and efficiency.
Don’t wait to automate. Team up with your Beckman Coulter representative or visit us on the web today.
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is a trademark of Beckman Coulter, Inc.
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Chemi s t r y D i sease Management I nf ormat i on Sys tems
Lab Automat i on
F l ow Cy tomet r y Pr imar y Care
Power Processor Auto
600 Auto
800 Auto
1200/2500 Auto
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