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Klinisk Biokemi i Norden · 2 2016
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Cruise on the wild river of Odense.
On Thursday the morning plenary talk will be on
the developments in personalised targeted treatment
and the concept of precision medicine.
Session 7 is the Eldjarn prize competition which
again will be chaired by J.P. Berg.
In Session 8 Sverre Sandberg will focus on the
development in clinical biochemistry at a Nordic and
International Level, especially on collaboration in the
rare diseases area.
Session 9 will deal with all the new tests and possi-
bilities in enabling earlier and more correct diagnosis
of dementia and their use in prevention and treatment.
The following plenary session will report on the
development of exosome use for precision diagnostics
in cancer. This session will be followed by focused
detailed reports from research projects using micro
Session 11 will deal with the use of established tests
for specific situations but useable for other purposes
and applications. An example here is the use of high
sensitivity troponins.
Session 12 will go through achievements in know-
ledge in selected hemostasis diseases.
In the evening, prizes and honour will be given to
those who deserve it! We will also enjoy a good meal
with the exclusive products from Funen of exquisite
meat, vegetables, wine and beer. A couple of hours of
dancing should compensate for all the sedentary hard
work you have endured.
On Friday, the international recognized endocri-
nologist J.J. Holst will go through his discoveries of
receptors and mechanism in the development and tre-
atment of diabetes. One of the results of this research
is new a line of products from the Novo Company for
treating diabetes.
Session 13 will deal with clinical proteomics, the
methodologies, the technical equipment and applica-
tion, protein profiling in diseases and the application
in the future of this technology in the routine clinical
Session 14 will focus on research, principles and
practices in using laboratory testing in a rational and
optimal way.
These principles will be exemplified in session 15,
as results from The Danish Strategic Project in Dia-
betes type 2 enables an individualized treatment of
this disease, combining genetic markers, markers of
biochemistry and insulin resistance.
The closing ceremony will take place just before
lunch and in the afternoon the general assembly of the
Danish Society of Clinical Biochemistry will be held.
We encourage you to stay at Funen for the weekend
and have a look at the beautiful countryside, Egeskov
Castle, The Head of Funen (Fyns Hoved), The Old
Funen village (Den Fynske Landsby) and to visit some
of the interesting places in Odense, Brandts Klædefa-
brik, or just enjoy a city walk in the Hans Christian
Andersen Garden of Fairy tales behind the Dome of
Sct. Knud. Or maybe a visit to Legoland?
Looking forward to meet you all,
The congress committee
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